Thursday, 5 June 2014

Leg Warmers = Warmer Legs

Winter has arrived along with chilly mornings.

Temperatures below 10 degrees Celsius call for warm layers.

In the supermarket today, I received a lot of extra attention from fellow shoppers admiring my furry leg warmers. 

On a particularly chilly morning, these crocheted leg warmers are soft, fluffy and just as warm as they look.

Urban Winter Leg Warmers (June 2011)

It is a nice change to be noticed for my legs and not my wheels. 

As for being noticed, one certainly gets noticed with these...
Thigh High Leg Warmers (July 2011)

It is football season again, and these thigh-high leg warmers in team colours are just the trick to deter the oval's dewy chill. Vigorous cheering and flag waving also help! 

If you don't want to bring attention to yourself but just want warm legs, something more subtle like these might be your style:

Plain Black Leg Warmers (June 2011)

Yes, I am a fan of leg warmers and I don't care if anyone thinks they should have stayed back in the '80s on the "Flashdance" floor.

They are an ideal extra layer for venturing outdoors and they keep me toasty warm.  

They are quick and easy to make with a minimum of shaping - a great starting point (or 'blank canvas' if you like) for trying out new stitches or pattern ideas.

Autumn or winter, work or play,
Leg warmers, crocheted
to wear your way!

Have a happy day!

Pattern & Yarn Details

Urban Winter Leg Warmers
Pattern: Fun Fur Urban Winter Leg Warmers, <>
Source: Lion Brand free pattern #70681AD, <>
This pattern has since been corrected by Lion Brand and superceded by Snowy Lane Leg Warmers free pattern # 70680B, <>

Yarn: Sean Sheep Cassowary
50% nylon, 35% acrylic, 15% wool
50 grams/ 44 metres per skein
Colour: Truffles #7188718; Lot: 035B0501  x 4 skeins

Hook: 7.5 mm 

Thigh High Leg Warmers

Pattern: Thigh High Leg Warmers by Erika & Monika Simmons, <>
Source: Double Stitch Twins, Red Heart free pattern #LW2526, <>

Yarn: Moda Vera Marvel Plain 8 ply
100% acrylic
100 grams / 284 metres per skein
Colour A:  Blue #1016 Lot: #770670 x 1 skein (185 m used)
Colour B:  Yellow #1009 Lot: #768671 x 1 skein (125 m used)
Colour C:  Red #1003 Lot: #768316 x 1 skein (160 m used)

Hook:  4.5 mm 

Plain Black Leg Warmers

Pattern: Lion Wool Leg Warmers / Leg Warmers (Child)
Source: Lion Brand free pattern #70440AD, <>
I modified this basic pattern idea to fit an adult.

Yarn: Moda Vera Marvel Plain 12 ply 
100% acrylic
100 grams / 231 metres per skein 
Colour: Black #1002; Lot: #771550 x 2 skeins (352 m used)


  1. Those are crazy cool!

  2. Thank you! I am glad you like them. I love them too - lots of fun while keeping warm.

  3. Susan Dougill from Crochet Addict UK has also chosen to make leg warmers this month. The pattern she has chosen is very pretty with frills and buttons. You will find a photograph and links to the original pattern supplier on Susan's blog (18 June 2014):
    It inspired me to consider adding buttons next time I make leg warmers because buttons would make longer leg warmers (like the Thigh High ones) much easier to put on.