Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Belcarra Cardigan: Neck & Neck

Counter up to Row 124

A quick photo update. 

Making swift progress. 

Avoiding 'Second Sleeve Syndrome' by working the neck and front shaping on both sides at once.

For more information about that decision, please refer to the earlier post "Avoid Second Sleeve Syndrome–Don't Work by Halves!".

Up to Row 78

A closer look at the neck shaping to the 78th row

Front sections completed (Row 111).

Left Front Shaping
Right Front Shaping

Close-up: Left Front Shaping

Close-up: Right Front Shaping

Next job: to block before adding the ribbing.

P.S. The row numbers quoted do not correspond to those in the original printed pattern because I am working to a different gauge of my own. The reason is explained in the post "Tension Headaches".

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