Sunday, 5 October 2014

New MCTD Resource Page

MCTD stands for Mixed Connective Tissue Disease.

It is an "overlap" of various autoimmune conditions. I compare it to a smorgasbord where the offerings include Lupus (SLE), Scleroderma, Sjögren's Syndrome, Raynaud's Phenomenon, Addison's Disease, Vasculitis and others.  

It's as if my immune system has selected various symptoms from this smorgasbord to create a unique autoimmune picture (or should that be a unique selection of symptoms 'on my plate'?).  Why have just one of those autoimmune conditions when one can have a bit of everything?  And there is no time to be bored as the menu can change at short notice.

If only it was as easy as making a choice; I would choose to not have any of these problems.

Unlike other conditions, I have never heard of a "World MCTD Day" so today is as good as any other to launch a new resource page here on Lupey Loops for information about Mixed Connective Tissue Disease.

I would prefer not to give the name of this condition the dignity of capital letters but I feel I need to use capitals because the abbreviation is usually in capitals.

An abbreviation is much easier to remember than a mouthful of 'connective something-or-other' so my children always remembered it as "Mum's Crazy Tiredness Disease" because it sure is!

"Mandatory Crochet Therapy Daily" is another favourite play on those letters.

For more serious information about MCTD, the link to more MCTD resources is at the top of this page, just below the Lupey Loops masthead, or right here:

If you are not in a serious mood, feel free to stay here and help me come up with some better ways to use the letters 'MCTD'.  How many fun phrases can we come up with?  

I look forward to seeing your creative comments but for now, I will leave you to it because I have got MCTD

… More Crochet To Do!

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  1. MCTD - My Chance To Dream - for all those times when:

    - the fatigue fog envelopes me
    - the pain forces me to be horizontal
    - weakness overtakes my muscles and I cannot move
    - I can't keep my eyes open any longer

    I have to go with the flow, let go of "thinking time" and welcome healing sleep.

  2. MCTD - Mysterious Cardiac Tracing Detected. if I didn't have a heart attack, what did that chest pain mean and why did the ECG have an unusual squiggle? Could it be a connective tissue problem?

  3. MCTD - Music Can Tame Demons

  4. Mate, your extraordinary resilience and good humour are things I will keep in mind to inspire me when facing my own health problems (you're amazing, in my book). Dicky mental health can be a total drag at times, but after reading your stories I am so very grateful to have my physical health and my intention is never to take that for granted, again. Big ups to you. Xx

    1. Hey! Great to hear your voice on the blog and thanks for the boost!

      It's hard work staying healthy no matter what the health problem - mental or physical. They each have their challenges and can overlap.
      Any day I can get out of bed is a good day.

      The following may sound clichéd but they are principles of mine:
      Life is short. Take nothing for granted. Live.