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Two Elephants

One of the loveliest aspects of Lupey Loops is getting to know visitors through comments, emails and each other's blogs. Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts, stories, enthusiasm, advice and encouragement.

Thank you for also connecting through other means like Pinterest. I don't use it very often, but it is a great source of ideas, especially for visual learners.

Yesterday, regular Lupey Loops visitor, Ingrid K, shared a pattern for a cute crocheted elephant on her Pinterest board "Myfunkycrochet" and it reminded me of a special elephant that I crocheted in 2010 so I decided to share both here today.

Henri Elephant
Pattern: Henri Elephant by Lucinda Guy

Isn't this a cute elephant that made its way onto Ingrid's Pinterest board?  

Its name is Henri Elephant, designed by Lucinda Guy and it is offered as a pattern for sale on Rowan Yarns' web site and features in the book Crochet Designs for Kids.

Links to the pattern and the books in which it has been published also appear on Ravelry.

The thing that struck me about Henri Elephant was his saddle blanket with tasselled fringe because I designed my own saddle blanket with fringe for a crocheted elephant back in 2010.

"Elsren's Elephant" (March 2010)
Pattern: Enchanting Blue Elephant by Melody Griffiths

My elephant was for a baby boy called Elsren. On the week of Elsren's birthday, a baby elephant was born in Taronga Zoo.  A week later a new elephant was born in Melbourne Zoo. We had elephants in the news broadcasts daily. 

The vets at Melbourne Zoo thought their baby elephant had died in utero but two days later, he was born alive!  His first nickname was "Mr Shuffler" and has since been named "Pathi Harn" which is Thai for "Miracle".  

My children have a toy elephant from a Thai friend and they named it "Charn" because that is how the Thai word for 'elephant' is pronounced.

Baby Elsren was also in need of a companion: "E for Elsren, E for elephant" I decided.

The elephant design is by Melody Griffiths from her book  Crochet in No Time: 50 scarves, wraps, jumpers & more to make on the move, but the blanket design is my own to make it special and personal for Elsren.

The cotton colours were inspired by Thai architecture and the ornamental colours worn by Thai elephants.  Like the kangaroo is to Australia, the elephant is to Thailand.

Blanket worked in tricot, using intarsia technique for each E.
Border used double crochet and a bicolour arch edging.

I used tricot because it created a strong, thick, 'blanket' quality. The square grid pattern of the basic stitch (also known as 'afghan stitch' or 'Tunisian simple stitch' (Tss) lends itself to the straight lines of the letter E and contrasts with the double crochet stitches which make up the elephant.

Saddle blanket with girth straps and fringe attached.

Reverse (wrong) side of blanket showing joins of girth strap and fringe.
Gold thread was worked into the border stitches and fringe
for an exotic influence and extra opulence.

Materials Used for Elsren's Elephant


Hook: 3.5 mm 
Yarn (main colour): Spotlight Crochet and Knitting 8 ply Cotton
50 g / 85 m per skein; recommended knit tension 22 stitches x 27 rows over 10 cm x 10 cm with 4 or 4.5 mm needles. Made in Turkey.
Colour: aqua/blue #5308; Lot: #656625
Eyes: stitch on goggle eye buttons
Mouth: remnant red 4 ply cotton
Tusks: remnant fabric, 20 cm homespun cotton
Feet: remnant acrylic felt pieces
Sewing threads
Gutermann aqua polyester thread colour #736 (stitching body)
Gutermann white polyester thread colour #000 (stitching tusks)
Stuffing: Hobbyfill polyester fibre


Hook (blanket): 2.5 mm tricot hook (a straight sided crochet hook could also be used because the rows are short)
Hook (border): 2 mm crochet hook
Yellow: Milford Soft Knitting & Crochet Cotton 3 ply, 4 ply equivalent. Made in India.
Colour: soft mandarin M800.4.1450; Lot #05 
Green: Sullivans Natural Soft Crochet & Knitting cotton 4 ply equivalent. Shade: green #36010; Lot #5126
Red: remnant 4 ply cotton
Gold: remnant DMC thread

"Elsren's Elephant" Ravelry project page:

Pattern Details & References

Elsren's Elephant

Pattern: Enchanting Blue Elephant designed by Melody Griffiths


Griffiths, Melody, Crochet in No Time: 50 scarves, wraps, jumpers & more to make on the move, paperback, ISBN-13: 978-1-906525-31-6, Cico Books,,, imprint of Ryland, Peters & Small Ltd, 20–21 Jockey's Fields, London, UK, 2009. 

Griffiths, Melody, Crochet in No Time: 50 Modern Scarves, Wraps, Tops and More to Make on the Move, paperback, ISBN-10: 1904991416, ISBN-13: 978-1904991410 Cico Books, January 2007

Griffiths, Melody, Crochet in No Time: A Simple, Stylish Collection of 52 Quick-Crochet Projects, Editors of Reader's Digest, hardcover, ISBN-10: 0762108177, ISBN-13: 978-0762108176, Reader's Digest, USA, June 2007


Henri Elephant

Henri Elephant

Pattern: Henri Elephant designed by Lucinda Guy

Guy, Lucinda, Crochet Designs for Kids, hardcover, ISBN: 978-1-57076-387-8, Trafalgar Square Books,, April 2008

Guy, Lucinda, Crochet Designs for Girls and Boys, ISBN 978-1-906007-35-5,  Rowan Yarns,, Green Lane Mill, Holmfirth, West Yorkshire, 
England, UK, 2008.

Knit Rowan (online):


Other Links

Ingrid K

Pathi Harn
"Miracle Baby Elephant Gets Miracle Name", Sydney Morning Herald, 25 March 2010:

Pathi Harn appeared in the news again in 2012 over an incident with his keeper and was moved to Western Plains Zoo in Dubbo, New South Wales.

"Letter from Lucy Melo, Elephant Keeper", Taronga Zoo, 22 November 2012:

"Taronga Western Plains Zoo to welcome four Asian Elephants from Sydney", Taronga Zoo, 20 June 2014, :


  1. OMG! These are adorable! Now I want to make some right away too!!

    Take care

    1. So have you started an elephant yet? What's that line? "How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time." Perhaps the post title should have been "How do you crochet an elephant?" Of course the answer is "One stitch at a time"! Oh dear....[daggy sense of humour alert]
      What (else) are you working on right now? How is the latest Corner-to-corner blanket coming along? Probably faster than my cardigan! I am getting distracted by demands other than crochet lately.
      Take it easy,

    2. The Corner to Corner ist finished since two weeks! I included a pic in one of my latest posts. It's so soft and yummy - I wish I could keep it!

      Not started on the elephant yet... Need to finish some of my other WIPs first. Plus I am working on a pattern (planning on publishing this friday)!

      Take care

      Oh! Something completely different! Have you tried Matcha Tea yet? It helps with my fatigue!

    3. I must be getting confused with all the lovely blankets you have made. I remember one of them that had lovely pink stripes. I am amazed at how quickly you finish that pattern.
      I just noticed that I missed seeing some of your posts in my blog feed as I haven't been online to read blogs every day due to fatigue the past couple of weeks. You must be psychic, sharing one of your remedies to relieve fatigue! How did you know?
      I haven't tried Matcha tea at all, only ordinary green tea. Thanks for the tip - it won't hurt to try it. I am a big fan of chamomile because it relieves pain and helps me sleep.

    4. I didn't know you had bad fatigue - but I had, so I figured I should share "mini-cures"! Also, I reckon it must getting worse for you with the upcoming heat in downunder, isn't it?

      Matcha Tea has a lot of healthy caffine. I like the taste a lot - the bf doesn't though. That is, he likes the matcha tea (we won't drink coffee in the mornings anymore) but he adds sugar. :P People say matcha tea has a lot of positive health benefits. I am not sure about all of them but as long as it helps me to stay awake, I will continue drinking it! :-)

      Have you tried "spiritus vini gallici" (it is a rubbing alcohol) yet? It helps with my muscle pains.

    5. Thanks for the suggestions Anne. How much caffeine does Matcha Tea contain? I avoid coffee and other highly caffeinated products to manage pain and stress levels. I have not tried "spiritus vini gallici" and hadn't heard of it before. It is good to know what helps you as it may help others.

      You are right about heat - I do not tolerate it at all these days which is such a shame because I used to love it. This week we have had days in the low 30s (degrees C). How do you fare in hot weather, Anne?

    6. I am not sure but it certainly has more caffeine than coffee (I think....). As far as I know it is "better caffeine" though and the body can cope better with it. Coffee makes me antsy and restless for example, matcha tea doesn't have these effects on me.

      Heat makes me very tired. I am better with dry heats though. Humid heats are horrible... It is only 10 ° C here today so that is good... :-)

    7. Oh, according to this page, it has less caffeine than coffee... Makes me more awake than coffee though.

  2. Hi Jodie,

    Thanks for sharing your elephant! He is very cute! :)
    Lucinda Guy has many fantastic (knitting) patterns, but on her website there is also a little crochet bag pattern for free, if you are interested. you can find it here: :)
    Have a nice Sunday!
    Ingrid xx

    1. Thank you for the link Ingrid. I know nothing about Lucinda Guy or her work so thank you for bringing her to my attention. I had a look at the "Posy Bag" - a very cute rounded white bag with single strap handle, prettily embellished with a posy of flowers around the rim. It looks like a sweet gift for a little girl.
      You may wonder why I added the description of the bag to this comment - I am trying to make my blog more disability friendly for those with vision impairments. Anyone reading this can also decide whether it is a project they would like to examine.
      Yes, my Sunday was very nice - starting to feel a bit better after a couple of weeks' with an MCTD flare - and I got a number of jobs done that had been waiting for days and weeks.
      What did you do with your Sunday? (Silly question? Knitting & crochet perhaps? hehe)