Saturday, 11 October 2014

News about Hospital Ducks

At last I have some news about the Hospital Ducks.

Today I opened email correspondence from the office of the Chief Executive Officer of the local 'Health Network'. The reply was a PDF document dated 10 October 2014.

It does not shed any new light on the issue but repeats the words quoted in the newspaper* a month ago, the main points being:

"The courtyard has been drained due to safety reasons, similar to those associated with an unfenced swimming pool."

"The ducks that were previously located in the courtyard were safely transported to another location."

"There are plans to modify the courtyard environment to ensure it is safe and accessible …"

"… (the) Health Network Executive is committed to retaining this area as a therapeutic space …"

I do hope that the 'relocated ducks' included the family of ducklings that I met because they need a pond!

My next question will be about the proposed environmental modifications.

*For background information (and duck-related crochet patterns) please refer to the related post "Hospital Ducks", 24 September 2014:


  1. That's just mean to send you the same stuff which was already published!

    My fingers are still crossed that these ducks will get water in their pond again soon!

    Take care

  2. Hi Jodie, I think it is great that you bothered to write to them, to show that somebody cares!
    Shame about the lukewarm reply!
    Ingrid xx

  3. Thank you for your encouragement everyone.

    I went to the hospital on Tuesday 14 October and had a look. No ducklings that I could see, only a handful of adult ducks, one of which had tucked itself nicely up on top of a picnic table to sunbathe.

    The pond was not bone dry this time but had some water in the bottom to a depth of about 5 - 8 cm. I suppose that is a compromise. I like to have faith that the ducklings are in a location which serves their needs a bit better.

  4. Sure hope all the little ducks got to a safe place!

    1. Me too! There are quite a few suitable places in our neighbourhood. It shouldn't be too hard to relocate them. I wonder whether mother duck will return to the courtyard next season again? They tend to return to the same breeding grounds year after year.