Tuesday, 8 January 2019

International Visitors

Close up of racing bike wheels intermingled at the starting line of the 2018 Tour Down Under in McLaren Vale. The tag 165 belongs to Ouwain Doull of Team Sky

This week in Adelaide marked the arrival of some 
special international visitors.

It's that time of year again when the cycling teams roll in for the Tour Down Under in Adelaide, South Australia, including world champion riders, Peter Sagan and Richie Porte.

The UCI cyclists are not the only superstars in town–we are also happy to welcome back international performer, singer and songwriter, Sandra Pires, to her former home town.

Vonda Last (left) and Sandra Pires (right) are standing on stage facing the audience holding hands and smiling to audience applause
Vonda Last & Sandra Pires together on stage
Thanks to Roger Freeman of Trinity Sessions, we were treated to a fabulous evening of music with Sandra and her special guest, Vonda Last who is a Ngaanyatjarra singer and songwriter living in Adelaide, South Australia.  Each artist performed their set and finished by singing together. It was a very special evening.

The audience was filled with friends and family of the performers. The beautiful venue, the Church of the Trinity, provided an intimate setting.  I reconnected with acquaintances from my school days and more recent ones too. Adelaide is one of those cities where it is hard to go anywhere without coming across someone you know.

The complete ensemble with Vonda Last and Sandra Pires in black at centre stage. Around them in a semi-circle is a guitarist, keyboard player, drummer, electric bass player and violinist.  Sandra is raising her right hand as she is singing whle holding the microphone in her left. Vonda has a black and red bracelet around her left wrist as she raises the microphone to sing.
Sandra & Vonda were accompanied by the Jelja Quintet:
(from left) Alain Vālodze, Lainie Jamieson, Enrico Mick Morena, Jenna Bonavita & Julian Ferraretto

It was an enthralling performance of vocal and instrumental virtuosity, beautiful compositions, heartfelt performances and a bit of fun as well.

Fun for Sandra includes cycling and she was an Ambassador for the 2018 UCI Road Championships Innsbruck–Tirol (Austria) in September 2018. Her song "On Top of the World" was the official theme song. 

I am looking forward to some more fun this month at the Tour Down Under (TDU).  I just realised that I still haven't posted photos from the 2018 TDU, and there are some great close-ups of the riders too!  I shall work on getting that done quickly for you.

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  1. It sounds like lots of fun, and fun too to meet up again with acquaintances from your school days.

    1. Yes, it was a very social evening as well as an entertaining one.

  2. Sounds like a wonderful reunion and such fun. Thrilled that you were well enough to attend.

    1. It *was* like an old school reunion even though that wasn't the intention! It just turned out that way.

      Thanks, Lorraine, for your support on the health front. I am doing well at the moment because it is school holidays - more sleep and less running around makes a big difference. A number of people have commented on how well I am looking at the moment.

      It just goes to show the benefit of being able to pace ones physical activities. It's a shame that school and other routine demands make it so very difficult during term times.

      Any time I can get out to do something that's fun and social and not related to chores or appointments, is a big thrill for me. Happy hugs!

  3. Sounds like a great time, glad you are having fun. Hx

    1. If you want to hear some of the real sounds, there are now links about on the internet from the evening to give a sample. I've been adding them to the list. I hope you are also having fun, Helen. Life's too short to not find or make some fun in every day.