Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Knitting & Crochet Blog Week 2014: 2 - Dating Profile #5KCBWDAY2

I couldn't decide which project to make the subject of a dating profile so here's a whole column for you with some familiar faces and newbies.  I am sure there will be more respondents and advertisers later in the week.

Stitches Seeking Stitches
where crocheted characters hook up

Petal Pullover - 100% wool. 100% faithful, reliable, easygoing & flexible with open lacy stitches; open hearted & open minded; cross-seasonal dresser; able to get on with both singlet tops & long-sleeved tees alike; well worn & washed weekly but still looking good; S/S - I love to go out at every opportunity; WLTM coordinating scarf for winter outings.

Yearling Beanie - post stitches around the edge. GSOH - I can take a little ribbing!
Seeking a scarf with compatible colours. CRO.

4 yo fingerless mitt - Hard working, experienced manual worker seeks same. Tough exterior but big softie underneath thanks to nylon & wool blend. Autumn & Winter shift worker - early mornings & late nights. Work well under stress w/out falling apart, currently in acting position as wheelchair glove where duties included heavy braking & trimming. VTPR w/gentle hands & TLC. NTW.

Child-sized spike stitch beanie - born in April 2014, I'm young at heart, with artistic tendencies. I love hanging around the local gallery & hoping to find companionship & friendship with a small head. Boy or girl. 

CRO - casual relationships only
DMO - daytime meetings only
GSOH - good sense of humour
NTW - no time wasters
VTPR - view to permanent relationship
WLTM - would like to meet
S/S - social stitches
yo - years old

Favourite Posts from Day 2

Day 2 and I wish I had more time to spend reading the great responses. These are some of my favourites of the few I have read so far. I am sure as the weeks go by, there will be more to add.   

Criteria for my list include beautiful expression, imagery and originality. Posts may be fascinating, witty, amusing, creative or deeply moving and thought-provoking. 

Some posts wouldn't let me leave a compliment on them - there must be some setting in my browser or computer that doesn't agree with some comment dialog boxes. At least I can compliment the writers by sharing posts here where I can easily find them to re-read and for you to discover.

(If you do visit these pages, please be sure to send regards from Jodiebodie at Lupey Loops on my behalf, thank you!)


  1. I would go for the fingerless mitts. Not that hunky manual workers are usually my type but the idea of hard working and sticking around for 4 years is a bonus (I nearly always loose my gloves before they wear out!)

  2. Love the short-hand, very fitting for online dating lingo. I'd take home the green sweater, great for a four-season climate like we have here in Canada!

  3. Thank you so much for visiting my blog. Your feedback is much appreciated. Catherine, you make a good point that I hadn't even appreciated myself - 4 years IS a bonus..that says a lot for wool/nylon sock yarn blends.

    Sarah, I live in Adelaide which has four seasons but we don't get snow (only in the hills occasionally). Melbourne would be a perfect home for this pullover because that city is famous for having all four seasons' weather in one day! This top is so versatile and has worn so well that I want to make more of the same in different colours. I highly recommend this pattern by Robyn Chachula.