Friday, 16 May 2014

Knitting & Crochet Blog Week 2014: 4 - Conversations Between Workers #5KCBWDAY4

I love my special craft basket. It lives at the end of my bed and keeps my crochet projects and tools in order but I have detected some discontent amongst its occupants...

The following projects currently reside in my basket:

Silver Orchid Scarf (SOS): I am privileged to live in my own private bag which I share with my partner, a 5.5 mm bamboo hook and a large family of locking stitch markers.

Bosnian Leather Clutch (BLC):  I travelled all the way from Sarajevo, capital of Bosnia, where I lived a long time ago. I definitely have the travel bug. Permanently packed with all the essentials, I am always ready to go at a moment's notice.

Bosnian Leather Coin Purse (BLP): I like to stay close to the Bosnian Leather Clutch, like a loyal puppy.  My toys include a thread cutting pendant, a nail file in a felted/embroidered cover and lots of locking stitch markers. These ones are rubberised, springy, bouncy and fun to play with. Like a puppy, I am impulsive and will often stray after any interesting project that catches my attention.

Slip Slope Scarf (SSS): I am a scarf made with slip stitch crochet, also known as Bosnian stitch.  My designer's name is Vashti Braha. I am still growing slowly and steadily, one triangle at a time. I feel a connection with the Bosnian Clutch and Purse and like to jump on top of them in the basket.

Experimental Freeform Project (EFF): Acrylic with attitude! I know how I am supposed to look when I grow up, but right now I am stubbornly refusing to cooperate.  The Crochet Lady is trying to coax me into her preferred shape but I insist on making life difficult. She will need to be in a very determined mood to deal with my issues.
Silk Mohair Hanks (SMH): We nestle quietly together in snuggly pink tissue paper, safe from light and dust until it is our turn to perform. Some of us have been measured out and re-wound into small skeins. Sometimes the Crochet Lady takes us dancing. It is fun to change partners to discover different colour combinations.

Cardigan Swatches (CS):  We are an organised bunch of swatches with tags to remind us of our tension and preferred hook size. One day we hope to become a warm winter cardigan. 

Basket Banter

Experimental Freeform Project (EFF): Ouch! Stop pushing and shoving!

Slip Slope Scarf (SSS): [to EFF] Sorry, but how else am I going to fit in properly? It's not my fault that Crochet Lady has so many works-in-progress (WIPs) in this basket. Excuse me, please, can you all make some room?

Silver Orchid Scarf (SOS): [to SSS] Do you mind? You are crushing my pretty patchwork bag. I don't want to wake up with a broken hook in the morning or become impossibly tangled.

EFF: [to SOS] That's alright for you to say - sitting there proudly protected in your quilted purse like the queen bee. At least you get taken out every day!

Bosnian Leather Clutch (BLC): [getting squashed by EFF] Please be careful SSS and stop being a pain in the neck! Can't you sit alongside of me instead of on top? I want to be in view so that Crochet Lady remembers to take me out. She's forgotten me almost every day this week.

SSS: Then move along please!  I am bigger than I used to be and want more room!

Silk Mohair Hanks (SMH): Calm down EFF, you can snuggle on the other side of us. We are soft and giving and your thin shape will fit well next to Cardigan Swatches. You both have flat packs in common.

Cardigan Swatches (CS): We have been pretty bored back here so a new neighbour will be welcome. Nobody has paid us any attention for weeks.  At this rate we will be still here when summer comes. 

EFF: I'm not sure I want to sit next to such squares!  Anyway, if I keep being difficult, Crochet Lady might change her mind and I can hibernate for the winter.

SOS: [to EFF] I wouldn't be too sure. Doesn't she want to use you for a special purpose?  I thought she wanted you to reach your full potential as soon as possible. She has something in mind for you.

Bosnian Leather Coin Purse (BLP): Where is Crochet Lady? I haven't seen her for some time although thought I overheard her voice mention "Knitting & Crochet Blogging Week". Maybe she's been involved with that instead? 

SSS: [nestling in at last] Don't worry EFF, I am in a hurry to grow up and hope to leave the basket for good very soon.

EFF, BLC, BLP, SMH & CS: [in unison] YAY! we'll have more room to move again.

SOS: But I went out yesterday and have some worrying news: Crochet Lady has found some abandoned skeins in search of a basket!

My Special Basket

This basket is special because it was handed down to me by 
a fellow 'threadie' friend who, sadly, is no longer with us. 
She was a gentle soul and very talented at fine thread crochet lace.  
She was Japanese and I am Australian. 
Despite the language barrier, we could communicate perfectly, instigated by our mutual enthusiasm for the art of crochet and love of beautiful fine thread work. 
It is an honour to inherit her basket of tools and thread.  
Thank you, beautiful lady Misako. 

Favourite Posts from Day 4

Today's topic has been a good one to learn about new tools and other 'yarncrafty' notions. I am afraid my post was more about my basket than individual tools, but surely you would agree that practical storage considerations are just as important as the needles and hooks.  Do you have a favourite or special project bag or storage system?

"Conversations Between Workers" challenged my imagination, but it has also been full of fun and whimsy in many people's posts. 

As I come across other fun posts from other Knitting & Crochet Blog Week participants, I will list them here so they are easy for me to find when I want to revisit them, and also easy for you to discover. Enjoy.


  1. Thank you for the mention. I am honoured to be in such fine company.

    1. You're welcome! Thanks for helping me to find your blog with Knitting & Crochet Blog Week! :-)