Sunday, 11 May 2014

World Lupus Day

Saturday 10th of May 2014 is was World Lupus Day. 

(Perhaps I should say it was World Lupus Day because, true to form, I have missed the deadline yet again after fatigue got the better of me and by the time this post has been prepared, it is already the 11th of May!)

Nevertheless, it is still a good day to launch a new page on Lupey Loops to compile information and resources about lupus. 

The official web page for World Lupus Day is hosted by the Lupus Foundation of America to raise awareness of the condition.   You can find it at <>.

If you are not in the U.S.A. you may be able to access information from your own country via the World Lupus Day site's 'International Resources' page:

The World Lupus Day site has a page for Australian resources at <> but there is no information listed there.  

There is an Australian web page for Lupus Foundation at <> which lists World Lupus Day on its 'Events' page.  I do not know anything about this Foundation. If anyone can enlighten me, please do!

If you need Australian Information your best sources of information will be the state-based organisations which are listed on the 'Lupus (SLE) Resources' page.

I hope that by setting up a dedicated page, I can do my bit for raising awareness of lupus while helping fellow sufferers find support and useful information.


  1. Didn't know! My sis and I both have MG (ocular), and she has been diagnosed with lupus as well/.

    1. I am sorry to learn that both you and your sister have these conditions. Are you able to draw upon each other for strength? Do you have any support groups in your area? My local support group was invaluable when I was first diagnosed. While I am a member, I do not get to meetings often, maybe once a year. I find that when I need the support the most, I am usually too sick to go to meetings etc. but there is more to a support group than meetings.
      Best wishes to both you and your sister. May you both have many good days and keep the bad ones at bay! Hugs

    2. Do you have any support groups in your region?